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Our Programs

01Mobile Health Clinic

Our mobile health team delivers basic medical services to remote communities that lack access to health care. These communities are located long distances away from any  health clinic (some up to 10 hours by boat) and patients lack the money to travel to the clinic to receive adequate medical care. Our mobile health clinic is the only of provider of healthcare and public health education to these communities.  

02Community Health Clinic

Our clinic in Rurrenabaque provides patients accessible medical care through low cost laboratory, dental and medical services in addition to affordable medicine.

03Bio-Sand Filters

Our foundation constructs and delivers bio-sand filters to communities that lack access to clean water. Without these filters, the water used daily by families to drink, cook, clean, and wash their clothes comes from rivers and other contaminated sources. This contaminated water then causes diseases which are difficult to treat due to the remoteness of the communities. Our unique bio-sand filters reduce high levels of infant and child mortality and provide families their only clean source of water.

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