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Become A Volunteer

Rio Beni Health Foundation / Become A Volunteer

If you are considering volunteering with the Rio Beni Health Foundation, please write to us with a brief description of your interests.


The Rio Beni Foundation asks volunteer interns to pay $600 -$800 per month to cover the costs of lodging, transportation, food, and administrative overhead during their medical visits to communities outside of Rurrenabaque.

Interns can stay in dormitories at the clinic in Rurrenabaque for free. Alternatively, lodging can also be found in Rurrenabaque for $150 per month.

Interns work could include:

Supporting the doctors and dentists.

Laboratory analysis.

Administrative work in the pharmacy and clinic.

Constructing and delivering bio-sand water filters.


If interested in applying to be a volunteer intern, please email Joselo Balderrama Hurtado at

+59 171 145 181

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