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About Us

Our Story

The Rio Beni Health Foundation was initiated by Dr. Lou Netzer, a retired U.S. physician, in 1998. Since then the Rio Beni Health Foundation has grown into a full-time health clinic based in Rurrenabaque that also provides mobile health care to the surrounding communities. The clinic is run by Joselo Balderrama and his team of doctors and nurses.


The mission of the Rio Beni Health Foundation is to the promote health and  well being by providing basic health care, laboratory and dental services, as well as access to clean drinking water.


To provide a high degree of medical and social service, as well as improving the quality of life for families in the communities being served.

Who We Serve

The Rio Beni Health Foundation serves the communities along the basins of the rivers Beni and Quiquibey, which is composed of 7 municipalities (Rurrenabaque, Reyes, San Borja, San Buenaventura, Ixiamas, Apolo and Palos Blancos), in the North of Bolivia.


Donate to the Rio Beni Health Foundation to make a difference.